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Australian Federal Budget 2020-2021

The planned ceiling for the Migration Program will remain at 160,000 places with family, business, and employer visas prioritized.

Priority processing will also be given to onshore visa applicants as well as those Partner visa applicants wherein the relevant sponsor lives within any of the designated regional areas in Australia.

Summary of Australia Budget 2020-2021

  • Focus on the employer sponsored, new Global Talent and Business Investment and Innovation Program.

  • Significant Increase in Family Visa

  • English language requirement for Partner visa applicants

  • Visa application Charge waiver and refund for Temporary visas holder.

Business and Investment Visa Changes

From 1 July 2021, the Government will streamline and improve the operation of the Business Innovation and Investment Program (BIIP). Changes will be introduced to improve the quality of investments and applicants. Visa application charges for BIIP visas will also be increased by an additional 11.3 percent (above regular CPI indexation) on 1 July 2021.

Benefit of Business and Investment visa

  • Processing priority to Subclass 188 visa application

  • Highest priority is given to those in Subclass 188C SIV stream

  • Applicant who granted under Subclass 188 visa exempt from travel restrictions

The Global Talent Visa

Created to attract leaders and innovators in the following areas:

  • Agricultural Technology (Ag Tech)

  • Financial Technology (Fin Tech)

  • Medical Technology (Med Tech)

  • Cyber Security

  • Energy and Mining Technology

  • Space and Advanced Manufacturing

  • Quantum Information/ Advance Digital/ Data Science and ICT

Benefit of Global Talent

  • High priority to GTI application

  • Processing timeframe: from 2 days to 2 months

  • Direct Australian PR

  • No expensive Skilling Australians Fund levy

  • Job offer in Australia is not required

Changes to Family and Partner Stream

  • 77,300 places have been allocated to the Family program.

  • 72,300 places have been allocated to partner visas

  • English language required for partner visas

  • Required character checks

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