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The United States (US) is a large and diversified country located in the northern hemisphere of the globe. The US is on the world’s third largest continent and has a total area of approximately 9,826,675 km2; of this land area 25.3% (2484769 km2) and 12.9% (1266666 km2) are used for grassland pastures, and parks and wildlife areas respectively.  

Some of the most recognized icons of this giant country are the statue of liberty, the empire state building, the golden gate bridge and its famous yellow taxi cabs. Due to the country’s size it is subjected to all different types of weather depending on the place of residence.  

The USA is a country that is bursting with history and is widely diversified. Their current population is at approximately 312million people. Its capital city is Washington D.C. with a population of 617,996 people. Other major cities include: New York City (which has the worlds’ largest financial center), Los Angeles, and Chicago with a collective population of approximately 15 million people.  

English is primarily spoken throughout the country. The USA receives up to 1.3 million immigrants a year and is seen as one of the most sought after countries to immigrate to, this may be due to the fact that standards of living is quite high as well as the famous success stories of the ‘American Dream’.


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