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United Kindgom


The United Kingdom (UK) is a small yet widely diversified country located in the northern hemisphere of the globe. The UK has a total area of approximately 243,600 square kilometers, and of these 243,600 square kilometers three fourths (182,700 km2) of it is used for farming.  

The most recognizable icons of the UK are Big Ben, Buckingham palace and its famous red double decker buses. The UK is geographically known for not only being an island but one that consists of many smaller islands such as, the isles of Wight and Anglesey, and the archipelago’s of Scilly, Orkney, Shetland, Hebridean. The landscape of the UK is a constant of gentle rolling hills which surrounds its major cities. Due to the UK’s geographical size It is surrounded by four different seas, they are the English channel, the north sea, the Irish sea and the Atlantic ocean it is because of this that it is said that there is no place in the UK where a person is more than 120km from the sea.  

The UK is a country that is enriched with both diversity and history. The UK currently has the worlds’ oldest and largest castle that is still in use by its monarch. Their current population is at 62 million people 500,000 of which are Chinese. Its capital city is London with a population of 7.4 million people and is considered to be one the world’s top ten largest financial centers. Other major cities include: Birmingham and Liverpool which has a collective population of 3 million people.  

The UK does not only mean England, as the UK is made up of four countries which are: Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England. The UK is well known for its excellent education institutions and its elaborate and efficient public transportation system.

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