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Migration Updates for Northern Territory

Attracting more skilled migrants to the Territory

The Offshore General Skilled Migration (GSM) program has been revised to help attract more skilled overseas workers looking to live and work in the Territory.

Under the program, overseas skilled workers who meet a range of criteria can qualify for a 5-year provisional visa, with a pathway to permanent residency drawing workers from a number of crucial industries including health, science, finance, agriculture, construction, telecommunications, IT and hospitality.

The offshore GSM program has had new nomination criteria added to target overseas skilled workers who have expertise and experience in high priority occupations, have established family connections and support in the NT or have verifiable job offers from NT employers.

The Business Innovation and Investment Program (BIIP) has also opened, providing five-year provisional visas with a pathway to permanent residence for overseas investors and entrepreneurs who seek to reside and invest, conduct business or pursue entrepreneurial activities in the NT.

MigrationNT’s refreshed nomination criteria for BIIP provides increased flexibility and is expected to increase the pool of eligible applicants under the program.

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