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Quarantine Requirements

South Australia

Any person wishing to enter South Australia from overseas will be required to complete the Cross Border Travel Registration . Travellers must complete a separate Cross Border Travel Registration for each person in the travelling party including all children. The form must be completed 7 days before you leave.

All travellers should download the mySA GOV app from Google Play or the App Store prior to travel to South Australia. COVID Safe Check-In is required at most shops and establishments in SA.

Travellers will receive an email from SA Police requesting them to complete a ‘Self Check-in’. When entering SA by plane, you must wear a face mask always covering mouth and nose when on the plane or present at any airport. Travellers who arrive by plane are required to use the COVID Safe Check-In to scan a QR code specific to the Adelaide Airport immediately after their arrival.

People arriving in South Australia from overseas are required to complete mandatory supervised quarantine in a SA Health approved medi-hotel for 14 full days and nights. The date of arrival and check-in to the medi-hotel is counted as day 0.

The following Quarantine fees apply for overseas travellers quarantining in South Australian medi-hotels:

  • One adult – $3,000

  • Additional adults – $1,000

  • Additional children – $500

  • Children under 3 – no additional cost


New South Wales

People arriving in NSW who are fully vaccinated will not need to quarantine. However they must have a COVID-19 test after arrival and prove full vaccination by having their vaccination status verified.

The Covid-19 test after arrival must be done within 24 hours of arriving in NSW and after day 7 on or after arriving in NSW. Isolation while waiting for your results will not be required unless you develop symptoms of Covid-19 while in NSW.



As of 5 November 2021, returned overseas travellers who are fully vaccinated no longer have to complete hotel quarantine if you:

  • are fully vaccinated with a vaccine approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration or have a medical exemption

  • have your vaccine status or medical exemption validated by the Commonwealth government

  • apply for a permit to enter Victoria from Service Victoria

  • have a COVID-19 test within 24 hours after arrival and a second test between days five and seven after arrival

  • not visit high risk settings, including schools (educational facilities), childcare and early childhood services, residential aged care facility, disability residential service or hospital (unless obtaining urgent medical care) for seven days post arrival

  • avoid those high risk settings until you have received a negative result from your second COVID-19 test taken between days five and seven after arrival.



You are required to quarantine for 14 days in government arranged accommodation, at your own cost. Arriving at the airport, you will need to follow instructions and be given transport from the airport to government arranged accommodation. Hotel staff will check into your room and give you your room number, room changes are not allowed.

You will receive a welcome pack including information on what to do in an emergency and what to expect while in quarantine. A pack of surgical face masks to wear when you open the door of your room will also be provided to you. You must wear a mask at the airport and during travel to government arranged accommodation, check in and getting to your room.

During your stay, you will be tested for Covid-19. If you do not agree to be tested, you must quarantine for a further 14 days until there is greater certainty that you do not have the virus.

Quarantine fees are as below:

  • 1 adult (1 room), AUD 3,220

  • 2 adults (1 room), AUD 4,130

  • 2 adults and 2 children (1 room), AUD 5,040

(fees calculated on 2 adults and 2 children aged 3 years or older and under 13 years)


Western Australia

All international arrivals need to complete a G2G Pass declaration. You should also download the G2G Now app before you travel as it is a mobile app that enables you to easily complete virtual quarantine check-ins when prompted.

Travellers must provide proof of a negative Covid-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test result at the time of check in. The test must be taken 72 hours or less, prior to departure.

You must complete a 14-day hotel quarantine upon arrival in WA at a government approved facility at your own expense. An authorised officer will meet you upon arrival to check your G2G pass and arrange your accommodation and the transport required.

Quarantine fees:

  • Room cost/day - $180

  • Cost for each additional person/room/day - $60

  • Total 1 person/room - $2520

  • Total 2 persons/room - $3360



No quarantine is required for fully vaccinated arrivals (12 plus) who have evidence of a negative result from a COVID-19 test within the 72 hours before departure.

International travellers who do not meet the criteria will be required to quarantine for 14 days in government-managed facility.



No flights are available to enter ACT as of now.

You can find more information if you are travelling from other states in the link below:



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