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Updates on South Australia Skilled Occupation List

The South Australian Government has published the state’s 2023–24 Skilled Occupation List.

South Australia has moved to a Registration of Interest (ROI) process to manage strong demand from potential applicants living and working in the state against a limited allocation of nomination places. This means potential applicants must submit a ROI and be invited to apply for state nomination by South Australia. Potential applicants cannot apply for state nomination directly.

Under this invitation process, South Australia will prioritise the retention of South Australia’s international graduates and temporary visa holders.

Experienced overseas workers with skills in high-demand in South Australia, such as Trades and Construction, Defence, Health, Education, Natural and Physical Science and Social and Welfare Professionals will be targeted through invitations to apply for South Australian nomination.

South Australia is also seeking highly skilled overseas workers who can make a strong contribution to the state’s fast-growing industries and projects of national priority. This includes people with:

  • experience working in the defence industry, and/or

  • highly specialised skills in the digital and critical technologies sectors.

International graduates and other temporary visa holders continue to be considered across a broad list of occupations consistent with previous years, while there are over 290 occupations open to offshore skilled workers.


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